“You are a wonder! I will never be able to thank you enough, but please know the power of our work together, and the grace and love with which you made it possible, has changed me.”Heather Raffo, Actor/Playwright, NYC  

“Your talent is amazing… your intuitive and positive energy pervades your work – I left feeling so confident and cared for
.” —Patti Devella, PDV Consulting 

“Your energy is amazing! I now know why my art director spoke so highly of you. You are truly and special photographer.” —Tracy Stern, Entrepreneur, NYC  “In a peculiar sense, Irene doesn’t take your picture. She inspires you to give it to her.” —John Jesurun, Playwright. NYC  

“Irene Young has given me the best photos of my career.” Will Ackerman, Founder, Windham Hill Records  

“The first thing I did after our photo shoot was make notes about the experience in the hopes of clearly preserving my memories of it. Your character is radiant, & it was just such a lovely experience, which I will always cherish. And now on to incredibly difficult decisions about which photos to use. Oh, dear…there are so many gems!” I’m speechless. And even a bit overwhelmed: how do your clients ever manage to choose which shots to use when your work is so extraordinary? Thea Lawson, Avant Garde Cellist  

“Irene is one of the most gifted and profoundly deep photographers of our era.” —Narada Michael Walden, Music Producer  

“I’ve never look at myself like this before…I think I’m having a defining moment!” Annette Cooper, KeeganCoppin Real Estate  

“I couldn’t be happier with the photos of me! The entire experience was so affirming and fun! You made me feel very comfortable and appreciated, so that it was easy to be natural and relaxed. Your genius, intuition, and big heart come through. You are the best! —Karen Caldwell, Wealth Pathfinders. LLC  

“The results are spectacular. I’m grateful to have this stunning updated photo.”  — John Strawn, S Systems Inc., Specializing In Signal Processing for Audio and Music.  

“I am so impressed how you do your work. For me you have made something difficult, looking at my image over and over, beautiful and bearable.”  — Susan Wallace, Healthcare Business Owner  

“I have never worked with a photographer who is better at bringing out the essence of people than Irene Young.” —Laura Parker, Art Director  

“Irene has the rare ability to see deeply and catch that image with her lens. She sees beauty and shows it to the world.” —Susan Griffin, Pulitzer Prize Finalist  

“The pixs are AWESOME! We can’t thank you enough! As you said, there are a lot from which to choose. Thank you for your time and talent. It was a wonderful experience, as well as, a great result.”Joyce Storey, Actor/Playwright/NYC   Edit