About Photo Shoots

Do you dislike photo shoots? I love photographing people who hate to be photographed. I love turning the experience around, and I love to make people happy.

Photo sessions are very relaxed. There is no pressure or time constraints. We enjoy refreshments and conversation, and we enjoy being creative together.

PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS $600-$800 / GROUPS $800-$1000
HEADSHOTS $400-$600
(website use, social media, press kits, magazines, newspapers, etc.)

You may use as many images as you like for promo use. Included with the shooting fee are 2 initial images that are refined in the digital darkroom. Keep in mind I can spend about to an hour on each image prior to final delivery. After the two initial complimentary refined images, there is a digital darkroom fee of $60 each for my time and expertise.

Use on items to be sold are not consider promotional, and they require additional negotiation, such as CD covers, songbooks, T-shirts, etc.

(includes promo use)

(includes promo use)

Jennifer Berezan, comfy in shoot. My photo of Laura Nyro on wall.

Cash, Credit Cards. Paypal, and Checks are accepted. If you opt to pay with a credit card, I will invoice you following the shoot. If you are paying with check or cash, payment is due at the end of the shoot. I prefer not to discuss fees or money during a photo session. We stay connected with the energy of being creative, and discuss business prior to or after the actual shoot.

It would be a pleasure to be creative with you. Together, we can create great images for you to send into the world.