About Photo Shoots

Do you dislike photo shoots? Great! I love photographing people who hate to be photographed. I love to turn the experience around for you, and I love to make people happy.

So, photo sessions are very relaxed. There is no pressure of time. We enjoy refreshments and conversation, and we enjoy being creative together.

HEADSHOTS $400-$600
(website use, social media, press kits, magazines, newspapers, etc.)

You may use as many images as you like for promo use. Included with the shooting fee are 2 initial images that are refined in the digital darkroom. Keep in mind I spend about an hour on each image prior to final delivery. After the two initial complimentary refined images, a digital darkroom fee of $40 each for my time and expertise.

Use on items to be sold are not consider promotional, and they require additional negotiation, such as CD covers, songbooks, T-shirts, etc.

(includes promo use)

(includes promo use)

Jennifer Berezan, comfy in photo shoot.

Cash, Credit Cards. Paypal, and Checks are accepted. If you opt to pay with a credit card, I will invoice you following the shoot. If you are paying with check or cash, payment is due at the end of the shoot. I do not discuss fees or money during a photo session. We stay connected with the energy of being creative, and discuss business prior to or after the actual shoot.

It would be a pleasure to be creative with you, and together create images you will feel great about sending into the world.