As an adjunct to my photography business, I began learning web design in 2007. All websites are designed in WordPress, an open source, content management system. I currently utilize full width premium themes with the added bonus that your images are given special professional treatment in the digital darkroom at no additional cost. First and second level search engine optimization (SEO) is also available to help your site become more visible during internet searches, as well as monthly website health maintenance. I offer encouragement and organizational guidance as a natural extension of my longtime support to others reaching for new levels of life's refinements. I have learned over the years of my development as a web designer, that the beauty of a website lies in its' simplicity and organization. It is important to state what you are offering the world in a way that is easily received. No one has time to hunt for important data. I encourage my clients not to hide their assets. I also offer photographic portrait discounts to all my website clients. Click images below to view a few sample websites. I tend to be quite busy, so please do plan ahead. Inquire about rates and guidelines.


Jean Cacicedo, Textile Artist, California


Boris McGiver, Actor, New York

Pat Gallagher, Gallagher Healing Arts, New Mexico and New York

Anne Ortelee, Astrologer, New York City

Barb Reynolds, Poet, California

Mitchell Design, Silicon Valley, CA

Naomi Baran, MFT

Diana Dunlap, Artist & Photographer

Mary Ellen Chalmers, Functional Dentistry, Santa Rosa, CA

Redwing Keyssar, Author, Palliative Care Professional, San Francisco, CA

Betsy Zeger, Coaching and Mediation, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Winter Solstice Concerts with Will Ackerman, Barbara Higbie, Alex DeGrassi

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